Sunday, August 10, 2008

Integrating Google Calendar and Contacts with Windows Mobile 6 - OggSync

Further to my previous post on an early cloud services architecture model for my business, this week I've had great success integrating two different services: Windows Mobile 6 handheld operating system with Google Calendar and Contacts - this enables me to maintain a "single version of the truth" for both calendar events and contacts - and at the same time carry both around with me on my mobile. After years of being tied into Microsoft's Exchange / Outlook sync model which ties your data to a particular desktop PC, it is pretty liberating to have everything looked after in the Cloud!

After scanning through the web for tools to manage this integration (there are a few - see Jonathan Wilbur's post on the subject at ), I settled on OggSync ( - version 4.19 beta currently.

Happy to report that US$29.95 buys a 1-year subscription to a fully functional sync service running on my mobile device - enables sync of timezone and multiple calendars and all of my Google contacts. Easy to buy, install and configure - highly recommended.

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