Thursday, April 15, 2010

Update: Ben Kepes NZCS Christchurch next Thursday 22 April: The Cloud in 2010: After the Hype

Updated 18th April: Unfortunately due to European air disruption as a result of the Icelandic volcanic dust cloud, Ben Reid is stuck in the UK and cannot speak at this event. Please go along to see Ben Kepes speak, however.

Next Thursday 22nd April it's a "double Ben header" with Cloud commentator Ben Kepes and myself presenting to NZCS on the topics "The Cloud in 2010: After the Hype" and "21st Century CIO".

Summary below - see! for more details.

Event Details:
22 April 2010: 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

Hotel So
1st Floor Conference Room
165 Cashel St

The NZCS Canterbury Branch invites you to join in the stimulating discussion that Cloud-watchers Ben Kepes of Diversity and Ben Reid of Memia will be generating when they present on the state of "the Cloud" in 2010.

Free for NZCS members, inexpensive for others.

The Cloud in 2010: After the hype!

First, The Cloud - A Post-hype Reflection. Cloud Computing analyst and commentator Ben Kepes tiptoes through the tulips of what is happening "in the Cloud" in 2010.

Late 2009 saw almost every vendor producing "cloud-specific" marketing material and tailored cloud offerings. In an IT world where almost everything is offered "as a Service", where the Cloud is seemingly the panacea for hunger, disease and early balding and where traditional business models are falling by the wayside - profit? Who needs profit?

Then, a big question from Ben Reid - 21st Century CIO: All your IT is in the Cloud - now what?

The founder of New Zealand-based Memia Cloud Consulting will present on the immediate future of IT management for businesses of all sizes, given the current momentum towards placing IT solutions in the Cloud. What if all your systems were cloud based? First, is it possible? What will be the differences for IT managers when there are no servers or software left to manage? What will be the practical impact on running your organisation's IT and what new techniques will the CIOs of the future need?

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