Sunday, August 8, 2010

Memia SaaS Standard Architecture for SMEs - from NZ$31+gst per user per year

As I said in my last post, it's been a great month here at Memia. We're starting to see the fruits of our strategy to build a critical mass of expertise in new "best of breed" SaaS solutions, and work with our customers to establish a new model of agile, responsive and radically cost-effective IT services.

When we started the business two years ago, I blogged about Memia's earliest Cloud Services IT architecture and how we were "eating our own dogfood" trying to ensure that all our IT was delivered "as a service" on demand.

Things have moved on considerably since then:
  • The choice of quality SaaS applications has increased massively, together with the ability to integrate one application with another to build joined-up solutions.
  • The performance and reliability of the internet, especially the mobile internet, has improved considerably - just for example this evening at home we had two hi-res YouTube streams coming down our suburban ADSL pipe at once without a single frame slipping: even 9 months ago this was unheard of in bandwidth-scarce NZ. (Kudos - finally - to @telecomnz for getting the engineering right).
  • Perhaps the biggest change, however, is that SaaS solutions are now more widely understood and acceptable to business owners and IT managers, together with providing the critical mass of functionality to be a compelling value proposition.
Over the last year especially we've been working towards a proven suite of integrated best of breed applications which we can run our own business on, and can recommend to our own customers while providing implementation, support and training services. The result is the collection of apps above: Memia's "21st Century IT" SaaS Standard Architecture for SMEs.

Based largely around the Google Apps and Xero core platforms, this suite of applications provides a full range of functionality required to run a large number of service and trading business processes:
  • Email, Calendar and collaboration tools
  • Office productivity: documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawing
  • Task management
  • Contact Management and CRM
  • Sales opportunity pipeline management
  • Support case management
  • Sales process automation
  • Time-based billing
  • Job-costing and quoting
  • Job-based workflow
  • Invoicing and accounting services
... plus plenty of other functionality and configurability.

We're also pretty excited about an upcoming customer application in the Xero ecosystem launching later this year for Inventory, Stock control, Purchasing and Sales processes - watch this space.

So, we're happy to be evangelical about how much this combination of apps works well together. But best of all, the combined pricing for all of these applications running together works out according to the table below (NZ$ ex. GST):

  • Google Apps Premier Edition
  • Xero "Large" Edition
  • CapsuleCRM
  • MinuteDock
  • Workflow Max

No of usersCost per monthAnnual costCost per user per monthCost per user per year
1 user$92$1,107$92$1,107
3 users$204$2,445$68$815
10 users$438$5,250$44$525
50 users$1,538$18,450$31$369

A full suite of business applications for NZ$31 per user per month!?!? If it sounds too good to be true then get in touch with us at Memia and we will help you run a TCO comparison with other solutions you may be evaluating: you may well be happy with the results.

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